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Google PlayStore comes with a plethora of Android Apps for retro photography. Here in this Retroselfie review, we will discuss about the 3 top rated retro camera Apps.

Retro Camera

This is an awesome retro camera App for you to make amazing photos in vintage style. This App finds its place in the Retro App review since it has 9 different camera types including retro camera and old camera. Other camera emulators are Underwater camera, Holga (Creates square photos), Fisheye, Tilt shift, ActionSampler (Combines 4 photos in one), SuperSampler (Combines 4 vertical photos in one) and Diana (Combines 2 photos into one photo). With each camera, emulator, comes 12 different filters to enhance your photo. You have the option to upload the photos that you took directly to social networking sites.


Retro Image Editor

This is an excellent Image Editor for retro selfies. The App comes with 80 different effects and vintage filters. Retro Image Editor gives you additional features like fisheye and HDR effect to make your selfies and photos professional. While using this App you can set the filters and effects even before you click the photo. If you are a selfie buff who likes to post your photos in different styles and poses, Retro Image Editor will help you to make your photos stand out in the crowd.

Vintage Retro Camera

This App comes in the retro review since it can be used to record videos as well as click photos in old style. Vintage Retro Camera App takes your picture and videos to old style using the 8mm Polaroid frames and vintage camera effects. This retro App gives you different camera filters like antique frames, negative films, and much more vintage movie effects. It has another feature called VHS which transforms your phone camera into an old camcorder.

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